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The Engine Management Computer is the factory programmed brain of your car's engine, and in order to cover the largest possible range of driving situations and driver types, is unfortunately programmed with compromises.  These compromises can lead to reductions in power, fuel economy and drivability.


At Bearsden Tyres, we can reprogramme your ECU to unleash hidden power and economy, whilst making the car more enjoyable and responsive to drive.

The process takes no more than a couple of hours.  Firstly the existing map of your ECU is backed up, so it can be reverted to if the changes are not to your liking. 

Next, a custom remapped image is written to the car, giving you the instant benefits of improved power, acceleration and fuel economy.


This will truly transform your car, making it far more enjoyable to drive!


Book an appointment today on 0141 931 9050, and feel the difference.

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